Los Angeles Bike Paths


Seeing someone running in place at an intersection frenzies my thoughts. If moving non-stop is essential, avoid this dopey, inefficient dog and pony show. Street traffic not only slows you down, it’s dangerous. As Reese Witherspoon can attest, LA drivers tend to overlook roadside runners and cyclists. Fortunately, Los Angeles provides an exercise-friendly way around this…

Residing on the Westside of LA, I lean toward two choice routes, both Class I bike paths (paved, separate right-of-ways, found in parks, along rivers, beaches, and lakesides). With access points throughout, both offer pristine ocean scenery and just enough grit to keep it interesting. Additionally, many perks remain in reach… restaurants, bars, shopping, and restrooms. And the state beaches and municipal areas offer plenty of parking along the way.

Santa Monica’s travels approximately 8.5 miles between Temescal Canyon Road, north of the Santa Monica Pier, and south to the Venice Pier. The 11.5-mile South Bay path offers easy parking at its Washington Blvd. and Mildred Ave. entrance (“Marvin Braude Bike Path”) in Marina Del Rey. From there, follow the signs that send you swinging around the sprawling marina, before a straight shot down to Manhattan and Redondo Beaches. No automobiles or stop lights to fight.