The Hungry Cat, Hollywood


Like most, we head to a restaurant considering a handful of factors, (word of mouth, web reviews, review mags, etc.). Sometimes we go unplanned, viewing the menu out front or the look of the joint. In either scenario, everyone heads to restaurants looking for certain satisfaction—what Mary and I like to call “The Experience.” The Experience composes of four-parts: service, food quality, atmosphere and location. Cost fails to make the cut because cost doesn’t matter if The Experience hits on all cylinders, particularly service and food quality. Conversely, a negative Experience by definition means a waste of money.

Eating out falls short without top showings from service and food quality—it’s that simple. In most cases, atmosphere and location do not rise to decisive importance because we control them. We know going to Vito’s Pizza in West Hollywood gives us a hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, but good pizza and quick service. We feel a sharp pain in the ass trying to get to, and park at Philippe’s Downtown; however, we’re guaranteed consistent service and a historically-bomb sandwich.

We use a positive, neutral, and negative rating for each element of The Experience. This scale travels up and down the experience slide—some smooth, some bumpy. And other times, we’ll suggest you take a pass.

A perfect subject for the intro to The Experience, The Hungry Cat Hollywood hooked all four-Experience elements. Guiding us, a top-notch server with not only knowledge, but personality too! The food—served raw to warm—kept us reeling for more, along with the array of specialty cocktails. Skimming the seasonal menu, we fished out the snow crab claws, the peel n’ eat shrimp, and ceviche. All the while, the atmosphere held us within its roomy yet intimate embrace. The Vine Street address opens you up to congestion and stargazers, but overlook that to focus on the easy mall parking access.

Food Quality: Positive
Service: Positive
Atmosphere: Positive
Location: Neutral

Sum: Positive Experience